Thinking of selling account...

 70 warr and 70 lock, assorted alts.


If interested make me an offer at hebburnhammer at gmail dot com

best thing to do is just deactivate the account and uninstall WoW.

just sell the account, get your money, and steal it back.

Free money

 wouldnt steal it back, i am not irish! Truth is that wow hasnt been much fun since the first time i levelled, and the time diff fucks things up for me. Anyway, i still have my euro account

ya I wanna sell my WoW account too. no time for it no interest. 70 hunter in mostly gladiator and vindicator, 5500 gold.

Hey twunt, before you do that man just purposely don't play for 2 weeks then see how you feel after.

 I'd rather do this sean, then I can put the money towards a new 360 or a ps3 and won't be tempted to get back into it, only to get bored again. Like I say, I have my EU account too, so I'll keep that to check out WoTLK, and if thats shit I'll ditch that too.

 gonna get a 360 myself once Fable 2 comes out

 i have one but its modded so cant play online

dangerboy12 - just sell the account, get your money, and steal it back.

Free money


Thats pretty low dont you think?

hey dont sell it man. at least wait until after you had a break. while the idea to forcably quit is assuring, its not healthy. learn to take breaks from these games and they stay very enjoyable

 I have quit for 6 weeks twice before kc, I'm not rushing into this blind


yeah I got pretty tired of it quickly after coming back as well. I didn't sell my account, but I don't play it anymore either

I was gonna take a break from WOW for a little while so I bought a 360. This was in July and I haven't played since. Once I burn out on something I'm usually done for good though.

I avoided WoW for 3 years knowing that I would play it a lot, as I play all computer games a lot. I consciously made the decision to start it, and I can't reconcile having started it to then throw hundreds of hours away.

I also got a modded 360 at Xmas with 30 games... And played it maybe 5 times.

btw Twunt, do you play as 'Twunt'? Cos I saw a warror with that name on my battlegroup.

 yeah, what battlegroup?


 yep, although if it was in the last week it would have been my friend that i let use it, as I refuse to pvp as fury

 thanks for the support steve