Thirsty Adam Levine

cringetastic lol

I’m just shocked he’s not banging a tranny. I would have bet money he’s a queer.


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Goddamn. I quit playing console video games @ 1999. I still played a few games like RuneScape and wow during a two year surgery recovery @2004.
Never played COD or GTA type things.
I’m saving that for the nursing home in 10 years. Just kidding. I’ll take the easy way out before that. Never interacted with other people except in the Leroy Jenkins know me of chat.
People are crazy.

I am glad the world is finally doing something about the scourge of handsome successful men flirting with pretty girls.


That just sounds like he’s trolling, trying to see how weird his texts can get before the woman will tap out.

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Lol probably. Didn’t he tell her he’d name the baby after her if it was a boy? It’s not even that subtle an insult. Like “I wouldn’t want a girl to be named that like you are, blegh”

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Wanting to name your son Summer because you’re fucking a whore named Summer is some otherworldly faggot shit