This app is unusable

Unfortunately I didn’t for me.

There’s a difference between being cheap and being a moron.

Only morons pay to use a forum.

It is working a lot better for me since the pro upgrade

I’m definitely a boomer, but is there a faster way to get to the most recent posts on a huge thread?
The rate the last movie you saw thread for example? Takes me 15 minutes to scroll to the bottom.

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I can’t click on the subscriptions page, even with a pro membership. It pops up and then immediately goes to the OG. Anyone else having this problem?

This. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing there.

That’s awesome to hear!

@Hashtag on a large thread when your start scrolling you should see a small box appear bottom right. Mine was black (as I have dark mode on) with a red number in it. If you press that, it open another part of the screen up where you have a scroll bar for the entire thread and can scroll right to the bottom etc

Also having this problem including ads, I thought we bought the app to avoid the ads?

If that will fix the issues, I would love one.

The discourse app seems to run way better than the official app.

Might want to look into that

what’s the point of using the official app?

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By the shit splat under your name, you haven’t bought fuck all…

I think that was a thing like 5 years ago. There was a pro version and a lite version and If you bought the paid version, you wouldn’t have ads.

Having said that, this is a completely new thing and only entitled fuckwads would expect their $1.99 to cover every version of the app until the end of time.

This is very helpful. It’s sad that their devs need a fellow dev from the OG to point them to such a basic go-to site as Stack Overflow. That’s some Dev 101 shit.

Click the red numbers at the bottom, then a red scroll bar appears. Use that to scroll to the bottom.

How the hell do we quote someone when using the mobile app??? The reply button doesn’t pull in the text.

You have to highlight what you want to reply to and then hit the quote box that pops up.

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Don’t you get a quote bubble after you hit reply? That’s the other way to do it.

On the discourse app, you have to expand the reply bock with the 3 horizontal lines, upper right, to drop down the banner with the bubble and all other options.

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