This app is unusable

Right. In the second picture, press the quote bubble on the left to pull in the text.


Ahhh! I see now!

This is so much easier!

Is there a tutorial where I can find out how to embed video and pics and how to upload videos?

Is there an ETA on the android update, @Chris?

There is no uploading videos. If you want to embed videos, most popular services are supported, just put the link to the video in your post.

You can upload images, just hit the image icon in the toolbar.

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We are expecting to submit to the Google Play store early next week. Mostly built and need to address of few more items.

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Hey boys, since the blank creek issue for IOS has been rectified this site has been great. The functionality is light years ahead of the old forum. Takes a bit of time to learn the shortcuts and tricks but it’s well worth it.

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I also find the forum almost completely unusable. Is there any way to quickly jump to the end of a thread? for me it just keeps jumping around & I never get to the end before I give up.

I have almost stopped visiting this place entirely (not that anyone would notice). bad move OG, the old forum was great.

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I don’t know how people are still having issues figuring this out. This new forum isn’t difficult.

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I noticed. I had to ask a question about something but I’ve forgotten what it was about.