This "Changing of the guard" crap is so dumb.

Goldberg is annoying as piss with this "Changing of the guard" garbage.

Younger guys fight older guys all the time.

It's like he finds a dumb phrase for the night and decides to run with it. Phone Post

Your tears are delicious.

UFC set that story line no doubt.

Dempsey Roll - Your tears are delicious.

Lol. Phone Post

I agree. I love actual changing of the guard fights but Shogun vs Gustaffson is not one of them. I also feel like that phrase should be used in title fights or super fights.

......and as i type this Goldberg says like 3 times in 5 seconds "changing of the guard". fuck I hate Goldie.

It is particularly stupid because it's "garb" not "guard." Phone Post

But.. the guard... it is changing!


You know... the new catch phrase for the event..


We've seen the guard changed twice tonight!


Ugh.. I'm disgusted with myself for typing that. lmao

It's an intentional move on the UFC's part. Put the biggest prospects/ burgeoning contenders against the most well known veterans they can, and hope for the best. All of the casuals tuning into Fox will see these guys and they'll be the fighters that they watch for, and all of these prospects will be in title fights soon .

It's annoying but I get why he keeps reiterating it Phone Post