This chick at the bar is staring at me

I'm looking like what the fuck. So I look closer

Then I'm like oooohhhh it's a cardboard cutout

Fuckin Rousey. Fuck that bitch. Phone Post 3.0

10 Phone Post

wish i had a sports bar like that where i live.

Hocky Balboa -

Im high, this was exeptionally funny to me. Id vote you up if you know how Phone Post

That fat dude in the mirror though; he IS staring at you. Phone Post 3.0

Hocky Balboa -

. Phone Post

Cabo Cantina?

What did she smell like? Phone Post 3.0

SD CARTEL - Cabo Cantina?
Yup Phone Post 3.0

Eggbert - Steal the one of tate Phone Post 3.0
They're attached :/ Phone Post 3.0

garrote - 
SD CARTEL - Cabo Cantina?
Yup Phone Post 3.0

Damn I am good.

Us you like Deftones. Yes, yes you are.

No homo Phone Post 3.0

Sd cartel, meant to say plus you like Deftones... Phone Post 3.0

ManOfThePeepHole -

LMAO! Phone Post 3.0

ManOfThePeepHole -

Can you please send me the URL for this lol can't get it on my phone Phone Post 3.0

I can't stop laughing Phone Post 3.0

ManOfThePeepHole -

Just laughed so hard I woke my son up in the room across the hall. Phone Post

Holy shit @ the eyestache gif Phone Post

Wow Phone Post