This does not make sense

How the hell has Lawler become such a monster! If 5 years ago, you would be telling me what he will accomplish in 2015, I think me and everyone else would've laughed! It's like another human being! Phone Post 3.0

Shits mind bottling Phone Post 3.0

We were just talking about that. It's been awesome to watch his career. Phone Post 3.0

He is a monster. He looked stronger in the 5th round, after being out on his feet for a minute in the 3rd round, and almost getting put away at the start of the fourth, than he did in the first round.

Impressive win, and I think he HAD to get the knockout because I think there is a strong chance it was 3-1 Rory at that point.

He's a born fighter. Doesn't care about media or hype, just the fight. Love him (no homo) Phone Post 3.0