This DUDESY podcast is freaking me out

lol yeah an AI determined him and his friend are the best possible podcast hosts? Not Joe Rogan?


This is why you shouldn’t talk about things you obviously don’t know anything about.

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Man if that’s the case, it’s a pretty genius premise for a podcast regardless. But I dunno, I heard him on a few podcasts leading up to this and all his reactions and stuff seem pretty genuine to me. If it was fake, it would probably be a little more over the top IMO. It’s awkwardness makes it a little more believable, but who knows.

Hey I have an AI that gives financial advice. It actually said you should buy this bridge I own!

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Real or not, I find it entertaining. I finished ep 4 today and it seems to be getting better. I like Sasso so I’ll keep listening.

I think it’s pretty obvious the AI doesn’t actually “run the show” to the extent they claim. With that said it does seem that they’re using it to create improv type situations, topics and sources for bits. Even if there is no AI involvement it’s still pretty fucking funny at times IMO.

To me it was worth checking out for the awkward news read by hulk hogan bit. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard and I rarely actually laugh out loud like that. The one dude has some legit old school wrestler impressions.

Sasso is a funny ass dude. Wish he would have done more films.

Improv is his expertise though.

Him as Steven Segal on MadTV was classic

Im a piss blamer

I’m pretty sure the AI is just a bit/artistic device. I wish it wasn’t tho. It’s actually a good idea.


So they watched bloodsport and talked about it this episode. I heard frank dux name more times than I’m comfortable with. Apparently they’re also watching ufc1 on patreon tomorrow??

I’ve quietly been enjoying the shit out of this show for months, after first hearing about it on here, but I’m wondering… which one of you dumped them some donations to go in this fighty direction.