This Fighting Life 3: Bashir Ahmad

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                                This Fighting Life 3: Bashir Ahmad

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                    <p><em>This is the second piece by Underground Blogger DeLeon DeMicoli,  whose column is insipred by NPR's &quot;This American Life &quot;  and covers in  long essay form (that would be a FRAT on the UG&nbsp;:-)  fighters and those  that train.<br />

If you or somebody you know trains in martial arts and has an interesting story they would like to share, please email

DeLeon DeMicoli writes and trains in San Francisco, CA.  He is currently writing a novel on Mixed Martial Arts.

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 Joe Hogan   IMO

 Love it!! As a Pakistani, I am glad to see the growth of MMA in my home country.

rigpig -  Joe Hogan   IMO

hah yep, first pic looks like a smaller Rogan w/ hair

 This just in....Joe Rogan to begin MMA career under the name Bashir Ahmad