This Forum Is Shameful

That is all. Phone Post 3.0

You know what isn't shameful? The ultimate Warrior is being inducted into the WWE hall of fame! And I will be there at wrestlemania this year!!! Phone Post 3.0

Long overdue. Phone Post 3.0

Yes it has been! You know, never say never but with hogan back we could see Hogan vs Warrior 3, the rubber match! Phone Post 3.0

Not as gay as hecklers. Hecklers are like the trolls of real life. Always trying to take attention away from someone awesome and put it on themselves. Phone Post 3.0

And fails miserably! Phone Post 3.0

Test Phone Post 3.0

Fail.... Still! Phone Post 3.0

Said the guy who gets fucked by wrestlers. Phone Post 3.0

Silly 14'er. Phone Post 3.0

You don't have wits. You only recycled my insult, lad. How could it have been a battle? Phone Post 3.0

Plus, you typo'd. Immediate deduction. Phone Post 3.0

There you go trying to use first grader reading comprehension. Slow it down. Go back and read again. And this time, sound it out. Nobody professed love for anything, "bro." Phone Post 3.0

Here we go again. I started the thread, little buddy. You interjected yourself. I didn't "enter" anything. Still struggling with that reading comprehension. Phone Post 3.0

This forum is still shameful. Phone Post 3.0

You're face is shameful. The entire point of the thread is to not let it die you mouth breathing shitbag. You were probably still into pro wrestling when this was one of the most active forums on That's why you don't understand when I say this forum is shameful. Fucking newb. Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

The biggest problem is that all this forum has to offer is one newb who thinks he's trolling a black belt troll master. Not that you're a bad guy, I just want other dummies to get involved as well. Phone Post 3.0

Lol. Touché! Wait... Douche. Kidding. This forum used to be the best. When the commissions took over in Alabama, we all moved out. Phone Post 3.0

And you're the kind of guy who doesn't proofread before he presses "post." Phone Post 3.0