This game is great.....

I was at an arcade Tuesday that had Tekken 5 with a bench and PS2 controllers which everyone was using.

sigh... i really hope namco makes some changes in the supposedly upcoming "PATCH".. they better fucking beef up some of the characters and tone down fucking steve, nina and julia. or at least make df+2 have anti-high properties again for certain characters (that seriously need them)

I just want to see Jinpachi

I'm amped for this game.

Is Jinpachi the brother of Heihachi or something?

Jinpachi = Heihachi's daddy

Doesn't that make him Jin's great-grandfather?

He looks good. Probably drinks pomegranate juice everyday.

got my card....will be going to Univeristy Pinball in Philly to test my skills

Devil Jin looks like a Spawn wannabe.

Namco does have the best character portraits in the business, though.