This game is next generation!

i just read this preview of indiana jones and i am stunned. this is excactly what i want to see and to expect in a next generation title!

if it is really true what described in this preview then lucas hit it right on the nails.

Yep, when I saw the press releases on the two big technologies they're using I thought that this could really be the most exciting next-gen development.

Thank god it is also on 360 so I don't have to pay $600 for it!

Key quotes (and this is from IGN viewing a live gameplay demo, not from a press release):

"And that's because there isn't a single canned animation in the entire game. Behavioral intelligence dictates every gesture, punch, kick and grapple.

Say you punch an enemy and he falls. Not only will he fall differently ever time, but he'll also stand up differently as well. Enemies will use tables, cars or anything else available to stand up. And again, it's not a canned animation. Enemies simply know that it's the easiest way they'll get back up."

"say Indy grabs an enemy by the shirt and begins pushing him. The enemy won't use a series of leg animations to make it look like he's struggling against Indy. The leg animations you'll see represent a genuine attempt by said thug to keep his balance. And yes, Lucasarts demoed this live during its presentation."

"The enemies that didn't make the jump fell because they simply miscalculated the speed of the cable car, or the speed of their own trucks, maybe even their own strength. As crazy as it sounds, developers stated that a character's muscle strength would have an effect on whether they land a jump and maintain their balance. One such villain, who missed the jump by an inch, actually held on to the railing on the side of the cable car. Since he couldn't pull himself up, he kicked in the window to find his footing then climbed to the top."

"In addition to Euphoria, Indiana Jones will also feature a technology dubbed Digital Molecular Matter. It lets materials in the environment react like their real-world counterparts. Wood buckles and splinters realistically. Ice and glass cracks and shatters. And metal bends and dents under extreme force. The effect is far cooler than it sounds. Sure, you've seen wooden crates bust open before, and you've seen glass shatter. But up until now, most environmental destruction has been the result of pre-defined animations and texture work. And even when it didn't, it never considered real-world physical properties."

"Depending on how Indy hurls someone through a door, the angle, speed and strength of the throw will create near limitless door-smashing goodness."

You mean Lucasfilm/IGN lies.

ITs just talk at this point. Remember Radiant AI in Oblivion? DIdn't quite live up to what they said it would be.

At least this is being demo'd live in actual gameplay. The only demo of radiant AI Bethesda used over and over was some woman shooting a fireball at her dog because it kept barking, which (to me) made it pretty obvious that it wasn't going to be anything special.

Yeah, I read that article and started salivating. It's the little stuff like this that will make or break this new generation of games. Not necessarily graphics.

Another preview of the realtime demo:

Because gameplay tools like this have repercussions beyond how mobs fall. I drool to think of a technology like this applied to a sports game, or a fighting game.