This guy beat Arlovski! LOL!!

The Russian Retarded Genki Sudo!

Courtesy of AlexNHB from the Ukraine. You'll want to download this, it's great.

Team Potato is looking to sign this fighter ASAP.

That guy is the shit...honestly they should put him in the UFC!!

What a retard.. He would get tooled in UFC or Pride by any HW fighter.

Yeah UFC...... vs Simms.


"He would get tooled in UFC or Pride by any HW fighter."

He KOed Arlovski, so (if the UFC could afford him) he should get a title shot immediately.

That guy attacking his opponent with only running headbutts is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. Hes what wes sims would be like if wes sims had talent

"The show must go on!!!"

"I'm comming"

This guy is seriously fucked up. I'd like to see him get beatdown some more, very entertaining.


ttt for later

WOW - it looks like the guy could potentially have some skill, if he wasn't such a fucking wingnut!

LOL at the Referee tooling he's ass. That's one of the funniest things ive ever seen!


Try a different program shane, if you don't have the right codecs, or they're screwed up on your machine, it won't play properly. - uses its own set of codecs, great for playing vids that won't play properly in anything else.

quite possibly the funniest and most bizarre video I have ever seen

Ummm... let's keep this in perspective. Arlovski lost to this guy when Arlovski had just turned 20, and long before his UFC career began.

I can see now that all the same people who want to forget Tito and Vitor beating Silva- when Silva was already an established and experienced pro fighter- are going to make a big deal out of one of Arlovski's very early pro fights.

lol at this guy. He's totally lost his marbles

Entertaining, that's for sure...he would draw in the US.