This Guy Is A.........

Many pastors have had the discomfort of conducting funeral sevices for those whose salvation is less than secure. But one New Mexican family says the Rev. Scott Mansfield went too far in saying Ben Martinez,before he died, had been "living in sin","lukewarm in his faith" and that the "lord vomited people like Ben out of his mouth into Hell" Being Americans they sued. Mansfield and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe deny the comments were made,but argue that any such sermon is protected by the First Amendment.-from Sept. Christianity Today.

this pastor is a....CHOAD!!!

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What could they possibly sue for? "Emotional damage" right?

I guess..this is America..if that's the case then half the OG would be sueing the other half lol

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I mean this guy needs to learn about how to comfort people in their time of grief. I'm sure if he did say this it was probably because he really believed that...but come on the funeral service was not the place for that!

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The old addage seems to hold:

If you dno't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

If he knew he would have to say those things, he should have declined the offer in the first place. That's assuming those statements were really made.

Wow. That is horrible! I feel bad for the family.

I don't know under what theory they would sue except maybe intentional infliction of emotional distress. I don't know what the law is in New Mexico, but for many states, I think that you need to demonstrate a PHYSICAL injury that resulted from the emotional distress.

-David Jacobs

I once went to a wedding ceremony at one catholic church, and the priest began to ask the fiances about what they learned at the course of marriage they had to do before the wedding. Ridiculous!

well Donna most pastors meet with the couple before the wedding a few times...I know i probably will. i'm not sure if the rev does or not. Marriage is not something to take lightly.

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sherm is correct. My wife and I had marriage preparation in which we were required to discuss some pretty important issues, and our views on them. We were also required to see a marriage psychologist who asked us a bunch of questions in order to get us to really think things through.

Marriage is taken way tool lightly. And in this culture of no fault divorces, this is a real shame. The divorce rate is disgusting.

yeah most churches/ pastors make pre-marital counciling a requirement. i know my father does, my uncle does, my brother does, my brother in law does, i will, and my church actually has it written in to our church by-laws that if a person wants to use our building or our pastors they have to have pre marital councilling.

The divorce rate is disgusting. Til Death Do Us Part.

But Sherm, will you apply an oral test to the fiances in front of all the guests during the wedding ceremony???

LOL Donna no I won't...if he still has to give them a test during the ceremony...then he evidently didnt do a good job during the counseling.

Groom:{whispering to bride} did you know there was going to be a test?

Bride:ssshhhh!..I don't test well{looking at the answers on her palm}

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I read again my first post, and it is not well written.

What I meant is that the priest WAS MAKING THE TEST DURING THE CEREMONY!

Hell yeah, tell the truth. Too much bullshit in religion

The truth is that the priest had no idea where Ben was and he shouldn't have judged him. Only Jesus can judge Ben.

Another truth the priest should have talked about is God's unfathomable mercy.

Funerals are for the living, not the dead. That pastor is an incredibly insensitive fool.

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