This Guy Is Pretty Funny, And Also On Point. Talks About Dating For Successful Women Over 40

I like when he says, “Sassy”, at 0:50. Cracks me up.

Some interesting thoughts from this dude. I’m only at 5:19 so don’t jump down my throat if he says something crazy after that.

He says single moms are disagreeable and insufferable lol.

Is this “Seasoned” Dating Guru a bit of a Pot/Kettle?

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Are you bothered that I started a new thread? I did post a different video than the one you posted.

What would Bernie Sanders say?

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Yes he’s bothered. He’s a 5’5 liberal manlet who dates fat bitches.


of course it would have been good forum manners to contribute to the discussion on the thread which was just created…it’s the good neighborly thing to do. Understandable if a few months have passed since a like-thread was created…but since it was just yesterday, yeah, I think that’s being a bit of a jerk

Richard Coper is a grifter with no real advice. OP should feel ashamed of him/herself for posting such drivel.

Onto the ignore bin for thee.

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My experience is the complete opposite. I love how hes pretending this video is for women when its clearly aimed at men.

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I wasn’t aware of your thread and the forum didn’t connect the dots when I was making this thread and notify me about your thread. My conscience is unburdened.

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Bald man with a beard giving extra manly advice is a tell tale sign of a grifter.

That said, what did he say that you disagree with?

Seems like an overreaction but no skin off my back. All the best?

I don’t know anything about the background of the guy in the video, for the record.

There are Alot of great women over 40 since they refuse to settle down with the Boys masquerading as men nowadays! Do better guys.

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