This guy won the Life Lottery!


WTF with continuing to drive off into the sunset???

Maybe he didn’t notice?


That must’ve been a mechanical failure for that car to cross lanes at such an angle. There were cars approaching in the opposite lane (no opportunity for passing), and cars in front and behind in his own lane, yet the guy enters opposing traffic at a 45 degree angle. He must’ve been getting a blowie.

So you think blowjobs are mechanical failures?

Yep, he definitely had to go back home and change his skivies.

There’s a car on his right. He either bumped it or was cutting hard to avoid it.

It could be the shit video quality, but I believe I’m seeing an area of dust kick up just before he spins out, as well as there is that car passing him rather quickly on the shoulder.

I believe he either had a blow out and over corrected in a panic, OR was accidentally clipped in a PIT maneuver by the other car.

Well I damn sure wouldn’t stick around the spot where lighting struck twice and missed me both times

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