This Guy Would RUN THINGS in the UFC

For those of you thinking about skipping training today...just knowing that he's out there should be all the motivation you need.

Braing shake? WTF


Bigdogg210607 (3 days ago) Show Hide

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Yo shammoo time to lose that belly and get a shave... brain shake hey..boy you will get? so badly fucked up in

South Africa you will run home to your MAMA

jamelmektoub (21 hours ago) Show Hide

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guaranteed the only thing thats guaranteed as far as I can see is that your a hopeless ugly bastard with to much time on his hands who thinks he can fight,? rest assured if i met you on the streets and you'd try that shit this video would be playing at your funeral to remember you

Another great instructional.

On second thought, you guys could maybe skip training and just watch these!

 Ahhh. I shoudln't bust on him. He seems like a decent enough dude who doesn't take himself too seriously (if you see his other 900 videos).

was that a 3-4-3 triple pimp slap combo ????? on the brain shake?

 I hope Frank Mir sees this before 100