This has to go Viral:"Heart of Thunder" Mark Hunt

I am asking the UG to work their magic.
Post this vid everywhere you can, on Reddit MMA, /sp/, OG, sherdog.
This vid has to have a least 2 million views by Saturday.
Dana White tweet this shit! It's amazing!! Phone Post 3.0


xsrg95 - .
Thanks brother!

Kirik, sticky this hype thread!! Phone Post 3.0

Fucking gave me goosebumps for 6 straight minutes.

and I wet myself.

Thanks OP

I got goosebumps watching that.


Hassy is beating off so hard


Face only.

Just think if it was only about money for him. Dana wanted to just buy out his contract and he said no, he wanted to fight. Amazing man Phone Post 3.0

Please tweet and share this vid.

I am unable to put this on reddit.
Thanks for the VU.

I leave it to you, UG! Phone Post 3.0


the intro and music is for homosexual's

but what a badass fighter

What an awesome name for a HL reel. Would even work as a docu.

Thanks op Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I love when Hunt connects he immediatly relaxs, knowing most likely he as won the fight. He knows he had starched his opponent before they know they are starched.

Great video talking about Marks technique when throws those short hooks he almost comes off his feet can't imagine how much force a guy his size connects with. Phone Post 3.0

Those goosebumps tho. Great video. Thank you OP.

War Hunto!!!!!

Wow! Phone Post 3.0


WAR HUNTO!!! Phone Post 3.0

Nice Video