This image belongs this forum

Any color name can post it here, please?

I found it at the main forum.

Thanks, IBI.

So if I read the NIV instead of the King Jimmy, I'm going to hell? Is that guy a Bible salesman or something?

That's at the end of every Chick tract. Those things rule! The one with the Catholic priest going to hell for being Catholic was awesome. Though my favorite is probably the angry truck driver.

That image says a lot. In many ways, it says more than you wanted it to say.

I'm curious to know if you think those tracts represent all of "Christians"? Oh I'm sure you'll say something like "Yea, thats they way all of the Christians i know think"...well either you know some really idiotic ones or your lying. Or if you think thats they way we are...then you obviously know nothing about the faith. Oh you might of been raised in a Christian home, but that doesnt mean anything. You still evidently don't GET IT.

yours in Christ


Actually, this belongs on the "I'm an idiot fundamentalist bigot who couldn't make an accurate theological argument to save my life" forum.

Donna, you don't seem like the kind of person so subscribe to the manure Jack Chick spews out, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you just didn't realize who he is...

"ohhhhhhhhhhhh how cryptic!!!!!!!!!. if only you would actually say something meaningful"

I did.

It just went over your head, that's all.

ahh the love on this thread is moving....


Alright, minataurolover. Whatever you say.

I'm wrong and you're right.

End the hate.

I think it's apparant that only one of us has brought the OG here.

I don't get it.



Apparantly wrath has so blinded you that you were incapable of seeing Puzzled's humor.

You should stop hating for one minute.

As for being a troll. Well, you can ask and take a forum concensus. If I'm a troll, I'll leave. I won't bother you.

However, you seem an angry person and for VERY LITTLE reason. Re-read the posts. I think you are reading into them more than is actually there.

As for slinging easy to do when you have no profile and don't use your name. I WISH I was still in High School or haven't gotten my pubes yet, however I'm an old man now.

Perhaps, a bit of projection on your part?

For those who don't know, Minataurolover has had a problem with me in the past and is my equivalant of an internet stalker. Wherever I go...he follows and disturbs.

Let's not derail/hijack this thread and keep it on topic, OK? If you have a problem with me you can e-mail me at

Joe Silvia

I don´t understand why everybody is so upset?

Isn´t it more or less true what that poster says?

I LOVE the Chick tract comix! They rule! (In an evil, twisted kind of way). You can read some on-line at the Chick site:

I didn't notice if they have any of the oldie-but-goodies in there.


HAHAHA at minotaurlover calling Ausgepicht a newcomer to religon.

You have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.


you must be in high school and just learning about religion.Gee, I guess I was just making things up.