This is a beautiful hand

Almost couldnt be more perfect. Luck is a wonderful thing.

Full Tilt - 30/60 NL - Holdem - 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

itsnotballet (MP+1): 3,522.00
i2b jb (LP): 8,420.00
daigorin (CO): 6,146.00
marco06 (BTN): 5,881.00
SJMIN (SB): 2,410.00
Curler55 (BB): 5,980.00
GotRice69 (UTG): 3,570.00
ak king1 (UTG+1): 800.00
lagered_up (MP): 5,466.00

SJMIN posts SB 30.00, Curler55 posts BB 60.00

Pre Flop: (90.00) itsnotballet has Qs Kh

fold, fold, fold, itsnotballet raises to 179.00, i2b jb calls 179.00, fold, fold, fold, Curler55 calls 119.00

Flop: (567.00, 3 players) Tc 9s Js
Curler55 bets 567.00, itsnotballet raises to 3,343.00 and is all-in, fold, Curler55 calls 2,776.00

Turn: (7253.00, 2 players) Ts

River: (7253.00, 2 players) 2h

itsnotballet shows Qs Kh (Straight, King High)
Curler55 shows Kd Jh (Two Pair, Jacks and Tens)
itsnotballet wins 7,253.00

I post so many bad beats that I had to post one where things work out beautifully.

is this a tourny? was.

and he didn't even suck out, woot.

lol...thats why I posted it! More tongue in cheek than anything, really. :)

IMO its important to identify spots when you can try "stupid" stuff like this.


In my opinion, you can open with almost any two cards when the stacks are deep enough. But you have to remember that you aren't playing AQ or KQ, and you can't fall in love with top pair if you hit it.

If I'm reraised by someone on the button, I'll have to assess the likelihood of him trying to steal. If in reraises by someone in the blinds, unless he's a maniac, I'll probably fold.

It's only stupid if you play it like AK or AQ.

PR - IMO its important to identify spots when you can try "stupid" stuff like this.

Meaning you don't make this play under 20 bbs. But surely you don't see a problem with raising from there when stacks are fairly deep, right?

Or was my postflop play "stupid"?

TitoOrtiz5 - First thing I thought of was how stupid it is to raise KQ offsuit from middle position with blinds at 30/60. Looking for trouble.

No, it's fine.

Blah, I dunno what I was thinking last night when I posted about this hand... I thought it was some huge overbet.

It's perfectly played IMO.

"It's perfectly played IMO."

Thank God! Never thought Id see those words with regard to my play! ;)

 Draw heavy boards are awesome when u flop the nuts..

you can get away with big overbets

Yep grade A Shove!!!