This is a call to action

We must support our POTUS Biden and VP Harris now more than ever

This is a call to action for all Americans:
Contact your local congressperson and tell them we need voting rights legislation, trans rights legislation, and pass the BBB agenda. We also need mandatory vax/boosters and mask policies.

Now is not the time to sit around and let democracy be attacked.




Tell me how people have lost there right to vote. I’ll wait.


The choice is clear

Emotional rhetoric from a hysterical woman.

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No - just another in a loooooong list of trolls that Kirik et all let run wild.


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I’m going to write letters urging them to ban women and blacks from voting.



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Put a lot of effort into this troll! lol

Voter suppression is a lie.

It is not difficult to vote. At all.


It shouldn’t be. Voter fraud is the lie

It isn’t difficult. You register, you show up, you vote.

In fact, it should be more tightly regulated.

Photo ID with scannable barcode and signature verification.


Lol at Emoney troll work here you really do take some time to come on here and stir the pot, and that really does take some kinda mutt to do.

Points for the effort and cheap laughs but regardless you’re still a jagoff.

You register, you get mailed a ballot, you submit your ballot. It’s a simple and easy system that the party of less small government wants to throw more beaurocray at. Eligible voters who want to vote do and those who don’t fuck off.The millions of dollars the GOP has spent on creating an issue from this is a ridiculous waste of effort

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To be fair, Biden would know all about Jim Crow as it was a Democrat policy.

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OP and Biden can both suck my ding dong.


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