THIS is a good way to get shot...Bad Prank

These guys are asking to get merced.

Where's the prank? Phone Post 3.0

Fucking stupid

midgetfarts - Fucking stupid


yea, It is insane there haven't been more people getting rolled up from trying to "prank" people.

That shit don't even look real dawg Phone Post 3.0

Lucky the cop didn't shoot them Phone Post 3.0

Not sure why he'd pick an "anonymous" mask.
Should be wearing Ted Turner.

Yeah, they may get shot.

Trouble is the more people that watch this stuff the more incentivised they are to make it. It only going to get worse. (I am guilty myself for clicking on it of course :/)

LOL at "out of respect for the cop." Yes, you guys clearly have a ton of respect for him. Fools. Was waiting for them to get their asses beat, I am disappoint in this video.

Later Phone Post 3.0

Takes balls to bait a cop like that.

The cop must have known it was a prank otherwise he would have drawn his gun. Phone Post 3.0

lol. lucky he didn't get "merced" or rolled up. Gotta love it.