THIS is going in the SMOKER!

just put some hawaiian salt based rub on these BEEF BACK RIBS and gonna smoke them tomorrow.  Gonna do my best to get them TEXAS STYLE.  trying the recipe below. hope it works?

Texas-Style BBQ Beef Short Rib Recipe

Here's how to make big, rich, juicy succulent BBQ Beef Short Ribs Texas style.

1) Begin by removing the fat and the very tough silverskin from the top of the meat. All of it. No need to remove the membrane from the exposed side of the bones as you do with pork ribs. If you do the meat can fall off. Then cut slabs into individual bones or double bones if they did not come cut up. You can cook them in a slab, but they take a lot longer, and for Texas style, I like to expose more surface to heat to tenderize and develop brown Maillard reaction flavors. Inevitably some bones in a package have little meat and lotta fat. Trim them anyhow and cook them.

2) Salt the meat in advance, up to 24 hours if possible. Lightly coat the meat with vegetable oil so the oil soluble spices in the rub will dissolve and penetrate a bit. Flavor the meat with a rub that contains salt but very little sugar. Try my Big Bad Beef Rub. Lawry's Seasoned Salt is good too. Meathead's Memphis Dust is too sweet. Do the tops and sides, and coat them generously. If you can, let the rub sit on the meat in the refrigerator for an hour or three or even overnight.

3) If you wish, you can tenderize the meat with Jaccard. The narrow blades sever long tough strands and do a pretty good job. I normally do not recommend this tool because, if there is contamination on the surface of the meat, the blades can drive the bugs into the center and they will not be killed at 130F, medium rare. But at 180°F the meat is pasteurized through and through.

4) Setup your cooker for indirect cooking and preheat to 225°F, hot enough to kill bacteria but not too high to evaporate all the moisture.

5) Put the meat on, bone side down, and add the wood. Oak is traditional in Texas and it makes sense because it is mild, but other woods work fine. I like cherry. Beef ribs seem to absorb smoke more quickly than other cuts, so remember, as always, go easy on the wood on your first cook. Too much smoke will ruin the meal. Add no more than 2 to 4 ounces on a tight cooker, double that if it leaks a lot. Put the lid on.

You will not need to add more wood and you will not need to turn the meat over. Cook bone down all the way. Keep the lid on and resist peeking until about 3/4 of the way through the cook, based on the guide below. The exact length of the cook depends on variables such as the composition of the meat (each steer is different), and if you chose Texas style or the Chicago style.

1" thick meat should hit 180°F in about 3 hours.

1.5" thick meat should hit 180°F in about 3.5 hours.

2" thick meat should hit 180°F in about 4 hours.

Skip the sauce. A lot of folks like barbecue sauce on everything they grill, but sweet tomato based sauce just clashes with smoky beef. Save it for pork. I serve my beef ribs nekked. If you must use a sauce, try what they use in Texas, a thin beef stock based sauce, like my Texas Barbecue Mop-Sauce.

6) Serve with Grannie's Texas Beans and your favorite coleslaw.


barbecue beef back ribs

BBQ beef back ribs

Back ribs are usually cut from the prime rib roast, a very desirable and expensive cut. This thick muscle is used for roasting whole, or cut into boneless ribeye steaks. For that reason the rib bones are removed so there is very little meat on the surface. As much as possible goes to the much more expensive rib roast.

But there is some tasty stuff between the bones, and often back ribs can be found in slabs of 8 or more 8" long bones. I prefer the meatier short ribs, but when I see a deal on back ribs, I grab them. They are quite spectacular when served in a slab.

I treat them much the same as short ribs, described above. Depending on how much meat is on them and the thickness of the bones, they cook faster and can be finished in as little as three hours.

i don't care what he says though, i'mma bbq sauce these muther fuckers.

dry rub fren .....sauce can go on after if you want.

I like mine with a sweet rub rather than just salt.

I also leave fat on, to me provides flavor and moisture. trim fat when serve/eat.

they are done when meat is soft.

rub......1 part 50/50 Hawaiian salt and season salt. 2 part Dark brown sugar. half pepper, garlic powder and paprika.adjust to your taste.

I like idea of more surface area with cutup ribs......but store bought ribs have been trimmed pretty close so not a lot of meat left on them, so I prefer to leave them together. One day I buy a whole rack rib roast and cut off ribs ice and thick.

Crap, now I'm hungry

sarge, i put a similar rub on last night.  the recipe calls for a generous amount, but i went more w/ moderate.  was worried about creating a too sweet scenario.  plus i plan to put bbq sauce on.


so you don't think i should put bbq sauce on at the tail end. like maybe last 30min?

no...sauce on side if you want it.

well, they came out like this and were salty enough so didn't put any sauce on them.  i dunno, it was like eating smokey ribeye pipikaula.  wonderful.  pulled them off at 190 and they're super moist.


Now i have hunger again!

i'm getting this smoker thing down guys. soon need to do hg smoker bbq.

Yachi is currently busy and happy.

FCTV808 - 

i'm getting this smoker thing down guys. soon need to do hg smoker bbq.

*taps foot impatiently and looks over bourbon selection

Moke - Yachi is currently busy and happy.

nope she can't eat beef because of skin conditions. so she just watches.

and sarge, the ribs came out in 1.5hrs.  they hit 190 just shy of that.

that's fast.....must be the "IDEAL" temp :p

She can't gnaw rib bones?

not if they're beef moke.  bison, CAN

Sgt. Slaphead - no...sauce on side if you want it.
This!! Phone Post 3.0

pretty sure they would've been better had i done it in my kalbi marinade instead.

Jesus, what kind of fagrt dog cant eat beef because of a skin condition!?!?

Thats like not being able to drink milk becuase it gives you mud butt.


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