This is gonna be a CRAZY offseason

Where is Kobe going. Garnett? I'm sure he's sooo happy that Howard is
there now!!

Garnett must just be a real masochist to stick with the Wolves for so long.

I do feel bad for KG. Its not like any NBA player is living a pauper's life dude. Even bench warmers make more than most high level corporate types with master's degrees.

I dont get why Garnett doesnt just demand a trade.

The lakers won't get rid of kobe because he packs the staples center every night and will still get them to the playoffs every year where they will lose in the first round.

They need to put a deal together for KG or Oneal. IF they do that they can be instant contenders.

maddog: big rumor on realgm about kg to phx.

i usually don't buy into crap like that, but NYC232 has been known to have inside sources.