This is Gwar

Loved it. Good movie, very entertaining. What a weird group and story, but I was very impressed with it.

Was really just the story of the band and some great footage. This is the exact type of group I want to see on video only. Gwar has that one dude sleazy, and dunno why, I don’t like him. Don’t like that character at all. The guy seems cool, but the character w the hair and everything, something there repulses me a bit.


Dont bismirch the name of sleazy p. Martini.

Of all the over the top stuff with gwar, that guy bugs you most?
Haha hes done his job then i suppose.



Watched it last week on Shudder pretty good. Grew up on 80s metal, so this was fun to watch.

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GWAR shall live forever!

Also, Gene Simmons recently mentioned that he’s going to take the GWAR approach:

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Will watch later. Only listened to them within the past 5 maybe 7 years, like it more than i thought i might. In high school they came to a club near me, kid i knew went and said they have volunteers or something that wear garbage bags to keep the junk off of them and they were called Gwarbage bags. Lol

Yeah- seems like a cool dude, would like to have a joint w him.

Not in costume though. In costume I want him the fuck away from me.

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Thats the gimmick and he plays it well
He has a youtube channel. And does some political commentary.

Subbed for later

Highly recommended watch.

Love GWAR. Saw them back in June and they still got it. Obviously Oderus will forever be untouchable, but Blothar is pretty goddamn great too.

Seeing them again this fall.

Best live metal show around.


Really want to see this soon, but don’t have shudder. Ive seen them live 15 times or so since 91. Met and hung out with them a bunch. They posted some of my fan art in their zine when I was a teen. Haven’t been into them much or seen them live since Brockie died. Just a bummer.


Sleazy P. Martini is hilariously awesome. Saw them a handful of times in early 90s, great memories. Stayed in Richmond overnight last year and went to GWAR bar. Seems Sleazy is no longer with the band and says that bar is an ANTIFA hangout. Went there with the family before the sun went down so was semi safe in not best of neighborhood.


Yeah his real name is Don Drakulich and is a very cool cat. Very much a founding member and was instrumental in many or the core ideas and characters. Just watched an interview with him, as himself. Fun story, I had sent some fan art to them as a kid and they published some of it in their zine, and when I met him the second time, I had drawn up a white T shirt to get bloodied and he asked me if I drew it and then asked my name. Then proceeded to describe a few of the other art pieces I had sent that they didn’t print. Down to the smallest details. Made me look good in front of my girl and friends.


Ive seen Gwar about 6 times and love it. Hilarious getting covered in fake blood and cum from the penis cannons. I also have dvd of Phalice in Wonderland kicking around which is a classic.

Oderus used to cruise around venues standing up in the gwar golf cart and from the back youd just see his assless chaps lol

Watch this shit


The one guy was pretty funny on the show Holliston

I think about 5 for me. First time was 94 or 95.

Went to a concert of theirs in Los Angeles, fucking insane. Nobody was safe from the giant cock spewing on the crowd.
One of the best live performances you’ll get too

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