This is Gwar

Yeah they often came through here twice a year during the mid 90s and usually sold out. Probably a much needed payday, but they never skimped on the show. Well, until the 2000s, then they laid off most of the crew/performers. Probably to finally just make decent money and not have to break their backs every night. Can’t blame them. I did miss seeing Slymenstra’s bare buttocks and fire show.

I’m bummed I missed it. And like I said, that don dude seems cool. But the costume completely repulses me. Like crabs. I fucking hate crabs too. Not the ones I saw on the toilet bowl fort Jackson in the snappy crabs under the water. Them and sleazy martini bother me.a lot.

Whats so repulsive ? Its only a slightly exagerrated send up of promoter/manager/mma ceo type dudes


I honestly don’t know… I just don’t.

Never saw them live, but now, wish I did. The costume, I really can’t explain. He has a repulsive look to me when in it.

Again- not shitting on the dude! He does seem like a very likeable guy. ALL of them did, except obviously hunter is a madman, probably in a bad way. Hunter seems like the tru crazy, although brock was also…

Well, yeah, man. That’s the joke.The whole band concept is about absolute repulsiveness and depravity. Sleazy is their total scumbag manager and thus maybe the most loathesome of them all as he is selling out the human race to their utter corruption and destruction.They are aliens and mostly indifferent to human suffering. He got them hooked on crack and every other drug and has them playing rock music specifically to profit off the human misery and degradation that ensues.

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Nah, Hunter is a cool cat. And Brockie was one of a kind genius and a great guy too.

Did anyone see them live during the VULVATRON era?

Fun trivia, she designs pro-wrestling ring gear now.

I didn’t see them live with Vulvatron. Kinda wanted to, she looked interesting. I thought a new female singer would be cool, as no man could replace Oderus/Brockie, and it might be cool to see a wild female singing those songs and being vulgar. But she wasn’t. She seemed clumsy and awkward onstage.

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Oh fuck I’m in. My buddy dragged me to a show because he had an extra ticket and said If I bought him some liquor I could have it and it was glorious. Bush jr was in office and it was mildly political and they chopped up an effigy of him and blasted everyone with big goo cannons and chicks had their tits out. I ended up seeing them 4-5 more times, great shows. Gonna watch this for sure.

This was the show I seen them in 91. I was stageside and Sleazy’s gunshot stunned my ears Then a faceful of blood. And their weapons chopping us.

I just got tickets to see them for the first time on October 4th. My wife insists she wants to go but I think she may very well hate it lol.

Nekrogoblikon is opening. Love their song Powercore.

Ive had this issue. I hate to watch from the back rows/bar. Fucking hate it. You want to feel the pressure of the crowd killing you and the drench of blood on you. But, many females ain’t with all that lol.

Ive had a few girls who made a point to show they could hack it, but they weren’t wives lol.

See. Fuck.

Will report back in October for sure. This is what I’m scared of though. It’s my first metal concert after God Forbid Opeth and Hatebreed like 15 plus years ago

If she is your wife, you can probably forget her going through a deep crowd Gwar show. Save you both the fight. I’ve have a few early relationships who’d dared and insist to hang. Few of them ruined it and I had to pull them out, but a few proudly powered through.

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IDK though, Gwar might be different now without Oderus/Brockie :confused:

I’m more excited for this than I have been anything in years bros. The wife has stated shes gonna kick it at the back and is ok with me wading into the fray.

I’m gonna hit my first real mosh pit at the ripe age of 33.

It’s about damn time considering

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There are a few ‘mosh pit’ experiences. Up Front general audience is a ‘get there first’ and a bit of a fight for front barricade. It can be a lot, especially for women. All the Gwar blood. Then there is the pit rim. Looks violent, but actually more spacious. Near the stage. You can breathe and see. Room to move and leave as you please. You might catch some Gwar blood, but not much.

I’m a bit of an old man, things might be different.

I saw gwar a long time ago and lost my hearing. I still have the stained shirt from the “bodily fluids”. Gonna see em next month. Itll be weird wo brockie.