This is How Insane Housing is Right Now

We’ve lost out to at least three cash offers. Wish I had $400k hanging out

Not to get political, but I do feel that’s where the stimulus packages are messing up… There’s clearly a LOT of cash out there sitting around, because a lot of folks are buying houses with it. Giving everyone $1400 of made up money you print willy nilly won’t do the economy half as much good as getting those stockpiles back into circulation.

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Anecdotally, I have a lot of friends in tech who are flush with cash due to a booming stock market. In most tech companies, a big part of your compensation are stock grants.

All of a sudden you have a lot of tech weenies with a couple hundred k they don’t know what to do with, and are nervous about a stock market bubble.

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Auckland laughs at those weak, faggot house prices…

We just had a hedge firm owner buy up all
The local empty lots recently. Literally bought 100’s of lots and the price doubled overnight. Lots were 20-30k now going close to 60k some even 100k if they are located by the water

Absolutely insane.