THIS is how you gloat

Pure genius.

He's a character, no doubt.

lol @ dan Lauzon

That's Drew Fickett, and he's fucking hilarious.

stupid. he is not cool

Night Rider, Night Rider, Night Rider

^Who's corner?  Kos's or Drew's own cornerman?

Actually I don't know if he's gloating. That might be when he is announced rather than after he won. It's cooler if he's gloating over the win, though.

"only UFC fighter to be on Judge Judy "

Really???  Is there vid of that?

"I remember the time he almost beat the shit out of his corner man after he choked out Koschek."

i remember that, it was after Kos fight. he pulled his corner man over the fence and pretended to elbow him from mount. it was all play acting, the corner man was waving his arms around and "selling" the elbows a la pro wrestling

Can someone explain what he is doing?


lol wunderbar

ficketts the fuckin man

sits an ice cold Sam Adams in thread as bait for Fickett

In one moment, Dana forgot all the 4am phone calls, imo

I can't believe how fucking drunk Dana is there.

That looking-at-your-own-biceps-in-amazement pose came off a little more impressive when Lou Ferrigno did it.

Forced to look away. Animal desire taking over. Shame. Remember what her therapist said. Look away. Look. Away.

Totally funny; although after Shields gets through with him, Fickett won't be gloating/laughing.

Fickett is a cool dude. Very funny and super slick. He is funny as hell. I wish he was still up in the NW training.