This is how you throw a punch.

My favorite fighter of all time...

i could take him (blue belt)

Man that is a H2O bag too. I have worked at Terry Ray's house on his H20 bag. I couldnt move it.

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back in the day when he had legit instruction...

Great post, I love watching stuff like this....

What do you believe he was targeting exactly with the double left
hooks following the 1-2's? At times they look like shovel hooks, and
they seemed too high to be body shots and too low for the head,
especially given that he was shorter
than most his opponents....

Is this practice compensation for the
opponent's head possibly moving after receiving or slipping the right
overhand of the 1-2? I take it that if the opponent absorbed the right
directly, or if the opponent slipped to the right, his head might be
moved to this region. If he slipped to the left, then it might turn into
more of a body shot. And by doubling-up, the second hook could
likely be placed with more accuracy than the first hook (say if it hit a

Anyway, I have to imagine professionally-trained fighters think about
this kind of stuff...please kick in some thoughts on this if you've
worked on it


To me it looks like body, head combo hooks.  The reason, imo, that it's high is the setup.  That clip looks like it is for a photo shoot or the press.  It is a temporary bag setup (you can even see the guy holding onto it).  The bag is too high and too short.  A 6ft bag would've been better, but probably not available.  That's why I think the body shot (the first hook) is as high as it is. The 2nd hook would've been to the head of a folded over opponant.  That's my take on it.



this is how you throw a punch.

What was that all about? I couldn't sit through it because it just crawled along.


Tyson was the shit.


Mike Tyson can box, that's for sure. But how would he do in an MMA match against a BJJ Blue Belt?

ttt for later as youtube won't work at wurk

Thanks Elvis! Yeah that makes sense -- didn't mention it but I was thinking man that bag must be pretty forgiving to hit on, given that the bottom isn't completely settled (i.e. hard as brick, like all those I've hit on) and he's able to hit the base like that....

Anyway, since I've mentioned it, when hitting the bag do you ever practice combos and 'compensate' for the targets moving with your punches (as I described in my first post)? Or does this seem like trying to do too much for bagwork, and better left for sparring?