This is Jamie Varner!!!!

There is a reason I stay off these boards and that is because at my

core I am a confident fighter who has a hard time seeing how I can

loose. I think I am the best, and I act as if. I will do so until

someone dethrones me. That being said I need to check myself too.

Couple things I am not the best Lightweight in the World, I just have

a quest to be the best. I think BJ, Sherk and yes even Rob all have done

things that I am still striving for. I am 23 and while I think I have

the tools needed to excell and beat the best of the best and I am in

this game to prove that very point. I do not want to take anything away

from Rob or his legacy. Before I was a fighter I was a fight fan and

he was one of the ones I looked to as to what I wanted to be. I even

went to HB to see him and the other members of the Team Punishment

train and when I was offered the fight I was honored to be fighting a

great Champion like Rob. Do I expect to see him in the ring again?

If he wants too I have no doubt I will, he is a great fighter and will

be a tough fight for anyone in the WEC. Rob is a legit LW contender

in any orginization. I am proud to be able to say I fought him and

one of the few lucky enough to say I won.

Second, fuck my credentials and I am sorry I said that. I am 23 and

I beat Razor Rob McCullough by KO to win his WEC Championship Belt.

That is my credentials, I beat a great Champion at his very own

game. I was not in the hospital with a broken jaw as Pav and others

said I would be. I was at the Village Inn eating pancakes and taking

pictures with my belt. My first fight in the UFC I stood in there

with one of the best in the world and almost pulled off the upset,

Zuffa gave us fight of the night! My credentials are going to be

built in front of you my fans and critics. I will fight anyone, all

comers, If your the number one contender you are my sworn enemy until

post fight. I dont care if your from UFC, Pride, or whereever if you are one
of the best, I am going to do my best to beat you and steal your

thunder, I am going to perform for my fans and fight like you are the

only thing keeping me from having the credentials to say I am the

baddest 155 pound fighter in the world!

My God This Jamie Varner! Look forward to your next fight.

thanks guys i had a lot to say.. sorry its so long!

Great post.


how come you left the ufc??  you won your last fight there if I recall correctly.

I didnt leave i was given an oppertunity to be a pioneer in the WEC's national growth... And I took it! They are getting some the best light-weight fighters from all over the world and give us the exposure we deserve! I'm still under Zuffa contract and I love the home I have made there!

right on, good luck bro. 

LOL at Towe. Dick! :-)


i have know jamie since he was in high school wrestling...he is and always has been a great down to earth guy...cant wait to see his new belt..

I sent you a friend request on myspace msinfo

i lost 5 bucks to stephen ledbetter, he knew you were going to win.

hey buddy its at the gym come check it out!

Nice Post Jamie looking forward to your rematch with Rob whenever it takes place.

Nice, big things ahead

yeah boy thanks i'm looking forward to just defending my title!

when are you to defend? 

Keep up the hard work Jamie. The fight versus Hermes on short notice (iirc) showed you had some real ability and your standup was sharp against McCullough. And it wasnt you getting beat standing and then catching Rob, you were getting the best of the standup throughout. He did get the knockdown, but overall it seemed like you were landing 3 solid shots to his 2.