This is Jamie Varner!!!!


The kid is making me a fan-

I'm not sure how I feel about that

Nice post Jamie. We are proud of you!

Look for Jamies fight shorts and gloves to be auctioned off soon, all
proceeds go to charity.

No need to explain yourself or your credentials. When you bet Razor Rob I became an instint fan as you beat Rob at his own game, stand up.

Continued success in the future!

Jamie, thanks for a great fight you put up with Rob. You and Rob both showed a lot of heart and skills in that fight.

speaking of charity...


All joking aside Lally, please allow me to make a suggestion-

Haven't been pushing it around here as much as we used to lately--- But if you've been around here for awhile, you  know how much that means

you are good peeps varner congrats

That was a great fight. Congrats on beating a stand up monster at his own game.

Jamie is a beast

Bluenamer plz

Jamie Varner=proof that a fighter can be classy yet confident.

Great post. That is what will have even more fans rooting for you. Your fight with Razor was awesome.

Congrats, nice to see you posting on here! Definitely a fan!

TTT for "The PAV" I tuck cash for chairty- I would love to see him try to
back up his hospital statement.

f@#k ?? ur cedentials ? why would u say that ? i admire ur skillset in the world of mma , darn near as much as anyone .... youve seen me post about hicks ... u can laugh now , but this kid is coming with some serious credentials also .
hicks or not ... you are the champ for a reason and with the background you have laid in different styles in competitions .... should be an example for many other fighters to follow .... youve done it the hard way ( the right way ) and i for one think that razors way overbalanced in his kickboxing .... sure hes got other skills but what does he rely on ? jamie varner relies on a hard pair of hands and great ground game ,,,,a very hard combo to beat . this razor guy should stay away from .
other mma hopefuls should look to u and figure out how u came up with that skillset and copy it .... but of course because its the hard way.. they wont and so in the long run , me the fan gets cheated . THATS WHY CREDENTIALS ARE IMPORTANT

I was a fan of Jamie from the Legget fight. You could tell he had a ton of scrap. Some of the elbows were vicious. Then when that fucking slam came....a thing of beauty.

Best of luck Jamie!

If you ever need moral or fighting advice, this is the place to be. We have the answers to EVERYTHING.

Jamie - please remember pack your WEC title belt when you come up here
next week. I've got a buch of people wanting to take a picture with you,
the belt, and some Jell-o sculptures...mostly guys, but fans are fans,

"I was at the Village Inn eating pancakes and taking pictures with my belt."

Tim Sylivia style with the belt. JK!!

Great post, excellent win over Rob. Look foreward to seeing you fight more. Good luck!

LMAO! Nice... she is the best evaaaa. Nuff said! Congrats to Jamie on your title win! All the best for the future. =)

I was very impressed by your fight with Rob and look forward to seeing you fight again soon.


The charity for this auction is set. Having said that I appreciate the link
and we will do more things like this post fight.

Most of my guys are fighting for the recognition of being one of the
best. Not many athletes in this sport are in for the money and that
helps keep it pure. One of my guys gives a large % of his purse to charity after every fight. He gives 20% for training and management,
Uncle Sam gets his % and then he cuts in a charity that he is close too.

We have some amazing guys that are going to do some amazing things
in this sport. Jamie leads by example and you have to appreciate that.

Showtime has just started!