This is my Christmas present to PWE


I wear a XXL

L for me

Who the hell is Cindy?

 Cindy is someone who posts on the UG and is supposedly good friends with BLAF.  She is annoying and petentious and always signs her name posts.



Doesnt Cindy's daughter have cancer or something?. Dont think its cool to make fun of her with the stuff shes going through right now.

actually, CIndy saw me do this and thought it was hilarious.


So Awesome Not Square - I actually do like that shirt. Whose gimmick is it?

That is Cena's shirt

It's also a spin off of the Saturday Night Main Event logo. 



This AWA style shirt was his best ever. Not sure how many kids got what it was fashioned after, but I thought it was cool.

I have the Nintendo hoodie. It's cozy as hell!


Yeah Cindy O, ok, funny.