This is Pantera's best song


No arguments on this one?

Too many great Pantera tracks imo, can't go wrong with a number of them. I was gonna say "Rise" was my personal favorite but that just sounds disrespectful to "Cowboys From Hell."

This has always been one of my top 3 Pantera tunes

Not sure about their best, but I always thought “The Art Of Shredding” was one of the most underrated gems.

Good choice. 

Passive Jay -

No arguments on this one?

Nope, not from me


But any argument here is a good argument- they were that good

The floods is my favorite but there are so many good ones to choose from 

A new level.   for me

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This love 

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HAS to be Walk but closely followed by Drag the Waters. 



onepunchJD -


Yep. Without question.

Had no idea Phil is a racist prick. At least there is still Sepultura. 


Big fan of this version myself,


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