This is pretty cool! (pics)

Thanx to the UG for helping with this.

cool stuff


It didn't get rained on. I think stuff from the other side of the page is shining through because of the scanner.

Great for you. Nice to see.

Wellington... not the Wellington in NZ?

Nothing like getting about 250 people to proof read something for you! The UG is AWESOME!

are the pages hard, yellowish and stuck together?


: )

Thanks Cindy!

that's not rainwater that's splooge

Where do you live JennyCraig?


wait, so your real name is jenny craig?

Wellington, Kansas

Cool. I take it you went to school there? I live in Wichita.

what's cool about it?

Hahaha. The prom is saturday!

"indeed...i can almost finish the crossword. "

LOL, good observation! The UG rules!!!!

any nudes of the prom queen?