This is Rock'n'Roll part 3

As part of the ongoing rock around the world series which has in the past given you Norwegian, Dutch and Finnish rock music, I'm pleased to introduce the Swedish surf guitar super group 'The Spotnics' with their verion of the Russian classic Polyushka Polye!

And of course thier rivals 'The Violents'with a surfy version of the Swedish traditional song Alpens Ros:

The first group of Swedes has much tighter choreography than Rypdal and his Norwegians did. The And space suit or pink jacket, white pants and skinny tie? I think the astronauts win!

The Violents, on the other hand, failed on both counts. So far it's a draw...

Awesome stuff all around, though. Thanks!

Agreed on all counts. Astronaughts win this round, although that was some tight footsteppin' guitar-totin by the oddly named Violents.

Glad you liked it!

Here is another great video and a different version of Polyushka Polye (the cossak song), its taken from the opening scene of the fantastic movie 'Leningrad Cowboys Go America,' which I recommend highly. I've played it for most of my friends and not one has made it to the end. Too bad there's not any more clips floating around on youtube.

At the end of the scene the managaer (the guy in the fur coat) turns to the promoter and says, 'Well?' and the promoter says, 'Its Shit. You should go to America.'