This is Sparta!

Am I a bad person for finding this video hilarious?

Not at all.  Thread title delivers.

Pretty savage. Almost kicked her in her dusty old box.

More of a push kick. She'll be iight 

Im dissapointed aboubt this thread.  Thought that kick and run away, was thread worthy.  Meh.  

Quite funny, odd that no-one ran after him of whatever. Really shouldnt rely on any one else for help. 

Librarians are bitches anyway. She deserved it


It's the "this is library" dudes dad.

He needs lessons from Gerry Butler he didn't have the "this is Sparta intensity"


Shit man.  This is funny.   No replies.  I say i have cancer i could get 72 pages and 30k......   haha i kid kid.   This shit is funny though.  

If she had a gun she could have shot back and killed him ...