This is Terrible!

We should help this guy out somehow, this is bullshit.I'll be writing them at the very least.

9 views and no comments?

I often wonder when breeders get so big how and when/if they start to give two shits about their animals.

Sounds like they only view their animals as stock. Which I guess there is nothing wrong with as long as they are treated well.

Not sure that is the case here.

That is terrible, and all to common.

This is very strange I know most of the guys at Underground very well and I never heard of this. I sorry that this guy had this particular problem.

Hopefully they take care of it, but it sounds like Rian is very stubborn.Peter is someone i've known in an online sense for quite some time and he's a good guy who takes very good care ofhis animals.He has a large Aegyptus that he rescued and many of us followed the story for over a year on how "Boulder" was doing.

The sad thing also is now many more people are starting to come out with similar stories dealing with Rian at Underground.You can see Peter has very diligently kept all his records and details of the transaction, and imo acted in very good faith.

Rian's side of the story that he posted on his page is quite different yet the inconsistancies catch him.

IE: Saying the animal was housed on it's own and in perfect condition.
Peter posted a picture of it fresh out of the box and it had some scarring on it's back and nose.Rian then later explained that it was an injury from a cagemate..
Hrmmm, a cagemate, of an animal he stated was kept on it's own.One he said was in perfect condition, then afterwards says it was just an injury from a cagemate.Had Peter had that info from the start the vet most likely would have been able to properly diagnose instead of eliminating a cagemate injury right off due to being told it was kept alone.They were treating the injuries as possibly some sort of shipping injury due to the erroneous info they received.

Saying Peter called and said everything was fine that he was satisfied and another happy Underground customer.BS, Peter had been keeping everyone on the Uro forum at KINGSNAKE informed of the status on a daily basis and never once said the animal was out of danger or doing fine.He kept us all updated on when he was calling and what was said in those conversations.

Saying that they would share in the vet bills, then after deciding they didn't want to, that too much time had passed.We're talking a matter of days here.

Anyways, what it looks to me is that Underground are probably fine people normally, maybe they got a bit lazy or sloppy and figured the animal was just going to be fine.Probably thought they could just rest on any rep they had built with some local customers so if anyone complained hey who would they believe? They seem to lack somewhat in customer service from several sources i trust that have dealt with them.No big deal they aren't someone i could have dealt with probably, but i guarantee they are now someone i would not deal with and would never recommend them to anyone.Such is how business works.