This is the (corrupt) ref they just switched to for Fury vs Wilder fight!

Fucking insane.

Something shady.


What are illegal body / head shots or do you just mean back of the head and groin?

Watch the video.

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Cliffs or fuck off


It’s one of those things you have to see to believe. Most obvious corruption I’ve ever seen. Probably twenty blatant low blows, one of which caused one of the fighters to drop, and the ref didn’t take a point away and even called it a knockdown.


The guy had one bad night at work… and he’s an asshole forever and should never be trusted?

You ever fucked up at work?

I was a Baker for 7 years, I put salt instead of sugar in so many doughs I can’t even count.

I sold suits, they told me to mark all the suit jackets down by 50% I marked all the jackets and coats down by 50%

I was a security guard/receptionist at this fancy office. I once put a sales call though to one of the heads of the company… fuck I am an idiot. I still cringe on that one, such an obvious mistake but I dunno I was 20, thats my excuse anyways.

That’s just the mistakes I can think of right now, there are more.

The point is, the guy had one bad night. You are gonna need to show me a shit load more mistakes before I give a fuck.


Al Bernstein is a professional boxing analyst. He said it was the worst reffing he’d seen in fifteen years. It’s also the worst reffing I’ve ever seen in any combat sport, to the point that incompetence can’t explain it. Hanlon’s razor does not apply.

And the fact that Mares went out throwing blatant groin shots from round 1 is also more than suspicious.

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Either that ref is inept, corrupt, or both.

I smell a fuckery going to happen in FvW 3


Makes the fight much more interesting


Now that Joshua lost fury vs wilder 4 is the money fight

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I hope your fucking joking. How can you compare baking to reffing a fight if serious?
You are shitting us right? Right?


Do not hire this guy lol


You need to watch the video. That wasn’t a bad day, that was negligence that cost someone a title.


I can understand a few of those early low blows getting some leniency, Agbeko was holding his head and leaning on him with his left arm and forcing the punches to land lo.

After the fucking 12th one though, a point HAS to be taken. There was a ton of blatant low shots in open air as well. Ref’s beltline excuse is bullshit. He’s either lying or blind, both meaning he’s not up for the job.


Why didn’t agbeko or his corner do anything? Agbeko could have thrown low in return?

Wow, fuck hiring you :joy:


I’ve never seen a more corrupt ref.
Both ref and challenger should be banned for life.
Poster above is correct about the challenger being in on it from the jump.
He’s throwing cock shots with bad intentions from the outside soon as the bout starts.
He even throws two in a row after knocking him down with one; like he was trying to end the fight via cock punch.
Almost achieving that is the wildest part of that video.
Ref counting after the foul made me want to take a shower.
Fuck those pieces of shit.


Holy dick punch Batman !

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Looks like the fix is in, that ref is horrible.

Only question is, who is the fix for ?

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I heard a boxing source, that I trust, say Mora is generally cool.

He does make top ten lists of worst decisions/refereeing incidents ever, for that thing above.

However, generally, over the years, he is supposed to be ok.

Am I certain? No.