This is the (corrupt) ref they just switched to for Fury vs Wilder fight!

She retired or something

After fixing that Floyd fight so vegas raked all unanimous decision bets

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If you have never seen a more corrupt ref, I think that you need to watch more boxing and perhaps look up Lawrence Cole. While you are on the topic, maybe you can’t run to figure out how Floyd was able to get Joe Cortez and Kenny Bayless to referee almost all of his big fights.

You shouldn’t breed

I think this obviously favors Wilder and it’s kinda been like that in the first 2 fights

Wilder gets his shoes boxed off and gets a draw in the 1st one and Fury had that sketchy point deduction early in the rematch

The cheating may be too much for Fury to overcome this time and I think Wilder is a VERY live dog tonight

Oh boxing, you so shady…


Joe Cooper was another ref on this guy’s level, but his reffing actually shattered a fighters’ entire family.

I agree.
However I thought the same thing for the Joshua vs usek fight and couldn’t believe they gave it to usek.
Tyson should end this. If it goes to the judges boxing gonna be boxing

There’s NO reason we should be watching a Fury v Wilder 3. Fury won the first 2

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Turns out Mora gave Fury some extra long counts

he seemed up and aware both times he went down. Just taking a breather before getting back up. Nothing like Wilder at the end faceplanting. Or Fury down in the first fight knocked dead for a few seconds before up at 9.

Through the fight I was thinking the ref did a fine job. Mainly because of this thread, I was expecting fuckery and didnt find it.


So should the ref have been banished for all eternity or what fellas?

Did a good job in my eyes. :wink:


Wow he actually did fantastic. Clean clean fight. Good job ref. He reffed like his life depended on it. Thanks God this was a total non-issue on a mega fight like this one.


The only reason that there were no issues in this fight is that the ref saw this thread and knew we were watching.


Thats all the recap I needed this morning, so no green mist? Thanks homie!

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King Of The Hill Eyes GIF


Nah, no green mist or loaded gloves or egg weights or spiked water or too heavy walkout suit, lol.

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Boomhaurs got some Mr.Fuji in him… Beautiful champ!

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George Foreman gives it up for the referee. Calls it one of the best referee performances he has ever seen.

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Just saw this a few minutes ago


If you were looking to see bias in the reffing in favor of Wilder, it would be that the ref was really quick to break up clinches and very aggressive about it. Holding is usually broken up but clinch fighting is given some leeway depending on the ref. Fury is a better clinch and infighter than Wilder. The other thing was, the ref was very cognizant of Fury tactics of leaning, holding, pulling Wilder to wear him out. BUT that’s not bad nor necessarily bias reffing and actually can be considered proper reffing.

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