This is the GREATEST fight HL EVA!

told ya so..

Mufassa commin strong with the head snaps.

is that the one with the lion that is named mtootoo mywayla (sp) he who greets with fire?
If it is I like the part where he breaks the matriark's(sp)back, one big ass bite and its over.

man, if you produce a movie like this with the music background, and play it in a club, I think you would have everyone going nuts. Any DVD with this music available? Thanks.

Manto....yes. I believe the name of the lion is pronounced something like in-twai-damayla.....

The Fuck?! Link!

That was wicked !!!!!

There is another Nat.Geo. documentry called "beauty the beast: a leopards story" see what you can do with that. Sick takedown at the end.

dangerboy12: maybe if they were fighting females.