the saddest picture I've ever seen...


 f u not posting that.

vtfd Phone Post

 I can see Fedor but Cro Cop had the balls to come to the UFC and try...

Cro Cop is one of the main reasons I started watching MMA

 ^^ Fedor's would have been none better

Here you go pussies

jk, I was actually cheering for him for the first time in a while last fight, he was looking pretty good too throwing LHK's and everything.

You guys shouldn't disrespect Cro-Cop. He's a classy guy that's gone in there and given it his best for years now at the highest level. That's more than most of us on this message board can say. Mirko has a lot to be proud of. Phone Post

Only idiots / noobs who are on the UFC trend who will fade away would ever remember Cro Cop's career as his UFC run.

Cro Cop was a LEGEND in Pride / K-1 circa 2003-2006 era.

Muhammed Ali lost to Leon Spinks & Larry Holmes.  That is never mentioned when talking about his greatness...

Someone's a dick.

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 VTFD for having ZERO class.

He will always be a legend.