This is what absolute chaos looks like


Thats funny and awesome.
I wish my kids were that small again. Haha
Good times.


Tiny drunk people.


Coached T-Ball for a couple of years and yes, it looks just like that.


Never touched first base and out of the base path between second and third.

That run won’t count.

The longest three months of my life were spent coaching middle school girls basketball :basketball:. I coached high school wrestling but filled in at their practice which was right after ours when their coach had surgery. My Lord, I was swimming in the estrogen ocean. Coming from the hard nosed, disciplined wrestling room to a team where you don’t pass the ball to an open team mate because “she said my hair was messy!”

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That video is awesome. Every time I watch it I see something new. Thanks for posting it OP

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If that run doesn’t count you will see parents fist fighting on the field.

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In Africa they would make fine soldiers