This is why BJJ will not be in the Olympics

For now at least. Here is a report on on 7 sports that are no longer in the Olympics. Take your biases away and you'll see that BJJ is far from meeting the criteria set forth by he Olympics.

that is a heckuva lot of reading

could you summarize the main points?

How do things like handball and trampoline end up in the Olympics? Phone Post

I turned on the other day and they had "synchronized diving." Bizarre.

The Olympics games have always been bizarre. The Pythian Games are where it's at. Drinking, fucking and poetry.

The Olympics are about money, not sports. That is the answer to all their related questions. When you find something odd, instead try to reason it, just see what will bring and cost less money.

Why some sports require amateurs such as boxing and other not, why some lame sport have precedence over other, and so on.