This is why wrestlers should learn jiu jitsu...

Oh...FAIL !

I see where you're coming from.

they should re-learn takedowns from Brazilian BJJ instructors also


No, this is why wrestlers should learn jiu jitsu...


edit:  I post this in jest, while admitting that I, as a non wrestler, have had my ass handed to me mulitple times on the mat by wrestlers. 

I was going to post the youtube vid of Tom Erickson vs Big Foot Wrestlers enjoy the advantage of usually being bigger, stronger, and dominating from the top position.

Great and effective stuff...except when you run into someone bigger and stronger. Then what ?? Here we see the HUGE wrestler actually get his shot stuffed by a stronger man, put on his back,and pounded from the a jiu jitsu guy ! Erickson managed half guard...and literally had no idea what to do from there...didn't even try to get full guard...and so he was controlled, nealy choked out, and then pounded from the top and finished as he looked completely lost on the bottom. Bet he wasn't expecting to end up down there and it showed.