"This isn't even the hood"

So we're riding through the block arguing about nothing, a mounting series of stressors was almost overwhelming.

My body was failing. I couldn't walk properly anymore, herniated discs and sciatica had rendered me worthless physically. I was losing it.

"Stop the car and let me out. I will just walk back"

We get back to the house, within 3 minutes an entire magazine gets dumped directly in front of our doorstep. The sound is so loud, it's impossible to tell whether or not we are being shot at.

We sit there astonished watching this young kid limping away holding his gun after an exchange of gunfire in close quarters. Turns out he shot himself in the foot and all of the rest of the shots missed.

"This isn't even the hood"

Follow him home, kill him, burn his house down and take his dog and cat. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like hood people though. Phone Post 3.0

Might not be the hood, but you got some hood shit going on there Phone Post 3.0


Looks pretty fucking dark to be daylight hours Phone Post 3.0

What do you mean by (hood)

Cuz um uh those people are uh well, you know Phone Post 3.0

That's the hood. Phone Post 3.0

Wait so. The beginning, you were in a car driving around? And you gout cuz your back hurt? Was someone shooting at you? Phone Post 3.0


Not to freak you out... But their is a black hole to an alternate dimension on someone's roof where DirectTV should be. Phone Post 3.0