This isn't important

but I nicked myself shaving my balls this morning and it bled like hell


lol (ouch!)

use the trimmer my friend

or the creme

Novagallia , Thanks for the sympathy bro.. ;o)

AaronD, I use my goatee trimmer to shape a "flying V" in my finely trimmed bush but I don`t feel comfortable using it on me balls...

I use a women shaving creme when I shave my balls because it has vitamin E wich really makes them soft and nice to touch. The razor I use is a Mach3, gives me a very close shave just a lil too close this morning.Thanks for caring though.

Some days reading the Canadian UG scares me.

unfortunately I can relate.

Do you also shave your ass?

Email me bro.

One time I was going down on this chick. She had a shaved bush but she only had half her taint shaved. I couldn't help but laugh. it was like totally bald then some kind of hairy ass muff. too funny. she didn't get any repeat business. moral of the story: If you like the Wyatt Lovin' shave your fucking taint.

pull it tight and use a razor guard. Don't put razors near your nuts. it's a simple rule but easy to remember.

Where am I?