This Jacare

 My Oh My

Very impressive

 Jacare is awesome. 

6 months of sprawl training and he will be champ

classy finish

That was smooth as precise is his precision.

 Jacare needs to be in the UFC!

Showed a lot of mercy and still brutally KOed him. 

BBQ@bendos -  Jacare needs to be in the UFC!


Damn... Phone Post


 Jacare is a beast.  Looked very comfortable with his boxing that entire fight.  He's getting better and better with it.  Actually think he's neglected his grappling some to work on it.

 Showed great class in this fight.

Rockhold Vs. Jacrae II Should be coming soon.....

No translator needed. Jacare's still improving, wow. Phone Post

This guy could be UFC champion before to long. Striking power like that with his ground game? Everyone will be ducking him.


def improving......better each fight.....

I'm all for Rockhold-Jacare II 

Jacare is the man. World class on the ground and now he's knocking people out? That's a tall order for any middleweight in Strikeforce. On top of all that he seems like a really nice guy. Respect. Phone Post

 Sick counter.

Get him into the UFC.