this just got real?

Dear UG,

I am disappoint at the lack of "shit just got real" gifs present in recent posts that are in dire need of shit getting real!

Is Sonnen dissing Arianna real? Or Bas Rutten diggin out the Reem? Or Rick Story firing back at Mike Peirce???

How are we to know what is real without Cody Mckenzie charging us ith wa Captain Morgan mustache? Or Will Smith and Lawrence puttin on their tough guy faces?

It is a sad day for the UG, I am dissapoint....

but what do I know,I'm no ground hog expert

Agreed Phone Post

 Shit didn`t get real yet.


html just got real


crowbar - <img alt="" src="" /> 

chainsaw on a paddle is mad real SON!

Blue please.

OMGClayGuida - 

Blue please.


FrozenBagOfMicrowaves - OP needs visual clues to know when shit is real.

WAIT...did this just get real??? someone please help me!