This kid would eff you up


Meh. Looks like an average hood rat fight with both swinging wildly hoping to land a punch.


Actually if you watch it in slow mo he did slip a few punches and most of his shots were tagging him on the chin.

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What would you do, if your son was the one in gray, and you saw this video ?

DNA test


And he would still eff you up


Take him to BJJ class. Learn him some boxing or Muay Thai as well.


Double damn!


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He wouldn’t eff me up.

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Tell him he lost to someone with legit skills and that if he doesnt want that to ever happen again, he should practice

My kid wouldve already been involved w wrestling and muay tai by that age though, so its unlikely hed be handled like that

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Yes, he would. In front of your girlfriend, too.

He’s not that fast & really not impressive. He won. But not a whole lot of skill or anything there.


NYBA reincarnated

the hospital? That’s where he would put you.

How do you defend against rapid fire punches when you’re backed up against a wall?

Most defense learned in class is against “jab-cross-hook” in a pattern, not random crazy punches.
Like if some dude runs up and starts throwing hands ala Don Frye vs big japanese dude, its not like you can parry the punches or slip all of them, can’t back pedal because the wall is behind you.

You maybe. Not me.

Winner kept his eyes on the prize.

That was the only marked difference between them - he just has a better understanding of fighting (probably naturally, as I see no boxing fundamentals. Or maybe just from street fight experience).

Still, slicker than your average.


Tie him up with under hooks then slam him with a takedown. Or control his head with a Muay Thai plum and throw knees.