This Month's Order---ATTN CIGAR MA


The Don has only received 3 envelopes. Either the Don will return the envelopes to those 3 or everyone else needs to drop 1 in the mail.

If you absolutely need to Paypal the Don, go ahead, but no later than Sunday.

Please check in and let the Don know your intentions. If only a few people want in on this order, the Don will reassess the order.

Have a great weekend.

Il Don


Come on guys! Stay in the "family'!

4 are in now. Plus the Don and Noga makes 6.

TRibble, got yours

How many does the Don need to make an order?

paypal sent

Don - You want I should break some kneecaps or fingers to get the envelopes?

Order byooootchhhheess!!

Savate, 12

DD, got yours

HEF, stay near your phone.


Lost your address when my computer crashed. MMA mail it to me please and I'll have a check on the way.

envelope sent.

This pleases the Don

So, when we getting the stogies?

Maybe not at all and all checks will be returned. None have been deposited. The envelopes are not enough to cover the cost. The Don will decide this Friday. If you have any thoughts, please voice them.

understandable, but booooooooooooooo!!!!

The Don feels your pain.

That would truly suck. Much sadness will prevail.

Can the order just be smaller or pared down so the money you have will cover the costs?


If you cancel, how bout keeping my envelope and sending me a few of those Padrones?

Don't know how much you have received or how much the order costs, but I trust you to make some fine economical choices for whoever sent you some dinero and hook us up with some smokes.

If these guys are anything like me the only place I get my cigars is through the Mafia, and I know nothing about buying them myself. I trust the Don to take my money and make choices and send me any smokes he feels my money is worth.

hawkeyefan, I'm sure there is a cigar store around you somewhere!

But I do agree, I have yet to be dissapointed with the orders. Can only recal one cigar that I didn't like.

So is this order a go...or no?